Silverbloom welcomes you to a brilliant online world with our state of the art web designing and development solutions. Complying with any budget, we design and develop high end websites that hit the right target.

A Professional web designing and developing company in Kochi with over 10 years, SilverBloom Technologies boasts of a vast and loyal clientele in US, UK and European region, since its inception. With eminent software developers at our helm, our company provides website solutions that are compatible for all applications.

With the world shrinking to an e-commerce village, stand out in the crowd with our modern, fully responsive and extraordinary web and seo solutions. No matter how big or small your business is.

About Us

In 2005, a set of highly acclaimed, creative and professional web developers saw an ardent need for a web designing company with a difference and thus the birth of SilverBloom Technologies. The company was born with the intention of empowering your business to embrace the internet simply and with confidence. Since then, we take immense pride in serving various Indian, American and European clients. While a lot has changed online over the years, our principles for providing value, affordability and our urge to make our clients’ business goals come through effortlessly have never changed.

Why SilverBloom Technologies

For over 10 years, SilverBloom has been designing and developing award winning websites for a varied business purposes. Since its inception our mission has been to put the power of the internet into your hands.

Our prominent clients include various big, small and medium enterprises, associations, Fortune 500 companies, ecommerce sites and online retailers. Our success is based on comprehensive website design, website development, logo design and SEO content management solutions. At SilverBloom, our expert marketing consultants identify your business needs and guide you through all phases of website development, including strategy, development, implementation, and site maintenance.We give our clients full control of their website at an affordable price, and our team is ever ready to offer their expertise even after your website is live.

SilverBloom is the one-stop solution for all your Internet marketing, creative web design and professional web development needs. Our wide array of tools includes a state of the art ecommerce platform, content management system, onsite search, and email marketing tool. We also provide custom programming solutions tailored to fit your business.


Web Design

With developing technologies, Internet has become the most important tool to advertise and showcase your business competencies to your target audience. And your audience judge your services through your website.Therefore an aesthetically designed, fully functional website will be the key factor to your successful business. 

No matter how big or small, or even a startup, the chance of your business's success rate is directly proportional to the quality of your website. In this scenario, what your business needs is the support of a website design and web development company that offers technical experience combined with commitment to exceed your expectations. We offer state-of-the art website designing and web development services that can help you consolidate your online presence.

Our website design service offerings provide the below cutting edge features :

  • Our key highlight is a rigorous review of client requirement, narrowing down our offerings to best suit the requirement and choosing the best from amongst the suitable alternatives, thereby exercising complete adherence to end objectives spelled out by the clients.
  • We offer aesthetically appealing and industry acquiescent website design and development services
  • We offer end-to-end website design and development services at very affordable price.
  • Our website design service drives your brand on Internet thereby attracting more page views, better    customer conversion and improved customer retention
  • We provide 100% guarantee of an end product exactly matching your business needs.

Website Development

Web development is an industry where you have numerous players, what makes us stand out are our key features to develop websites that are unique, creative and custom made.

We believe in understanding the requirements of our clients and developing web based solutions that solve their issues and help them march ahead in today’s highly competitive arena. Our software solutions act as a tool for the client, making their work easier and helping them complete it faster. Enhancing our client’s corporate success, we deliver end to end services and solutions in the web development platform.

Our services include SEO services, Content Management System etc. that are separately designed to support the client in their day to day tasks and functions. We invite you to join hands with us and overlay the way for your company’s unprecedented growth in terms of sales, revenue and profit.

Application Development

With evolving technologies, devices are getting extremely 'Smart'. Mobile owners are upgrading their phones to smart phones and are relying on apps on every aspect of their lives- be it games, productivity, travel, banking, entertainment or education. Gone are those days when mobile applications are developed for gaming or entertainment purpose. Today business and utility apps have gained popularity and momentum. We here at SilverBloom offer mobile app development solutions, that will help you to carve out better business opportunities. We develop apps that improve user experience, retain customers and reduce cost. We implement mobile application development for different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows mobile for a variety of devices including iPhone, iPad, Android based Phones, Android based Tablets, and Windows Phones.

Our expertise develops apps of all kinds including business apps, games apps, social application apps etc. Our dedicated and skilled team of developers will meet your needs quickly in a cost effective manner. Our mobile apps developers are experienced in all latest technologies and develop mobile applications to your custom needs that implement your ideas into fully functional mobile apps.

Responsive Web Design

The era of your websites are viewed solely on desktops is over. To be smart is the need of the hour in a world so obsessed with smart devices. Responsive Web Design is the watchword these days in the arena of web designing. Responsive Web Design is a method of developing your website so that it automatically adjusts to the screen size and device used to view the site. This ensures a consistent user experience and allows you to replicate your site’s content without reducing it for smaller screens, as you need to do with a mobile site.

Benefits of switching to responsive web design

  • Your site automatically adjusts to desktops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones now and in the future.
  • A sole website for all devices strengthens web traffic for better SEO results. Just check Google!
  • Provide broader content on your mobile properties
  • According to Forrester, 112.5 million US consumers who will own a tablet by 2016, which is one-third of the US adult population. And your responsive web design will cater to a broader audience and a better clientele.

Features of SilverBloom Responsive Web Designs

Fitted for the Four Corners

We design our products for the four corners of all types of screens irrespective of the device. This helps us future proof your product.

Cross Browser Support

We design websites that work well with a variety of browsers including IE8 +, iOS, Android 2+, Windows Phone 7, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Device Agnostic

The goal with all of our websites is that they are friendly to every device. This means your users have a great experience no matter what device they use.


We design websites with performance in mind. Most mobile users can't handle huge website chattels.

Mobile Websites

Everyday, more and more people use their smart phones and tablets to access content on the web, shop, socialize, and play games. This trend shows no signs of lessening and pressure is mounting on traditional website owners to make their resources avail to users on the move.

But with a variety of mobile devices, platforms, and environments, are you confused about which way to go? Is a mobile app built for a specific operating system the right choice? How about a cross-platform application? A mobile website that will work for any device? There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Here at SilverBloom, we help you implement the most effective solution for your specific mobility requirements.

Adaptive Layout

We recommend adaptive website layout to those customers who would like their website content to be displayed correctly and uniformly on various devices, platforms, and screen sizes, but do not need advanced features. We utilize special coding techniques which will make a webpage automatically adjust to the resolution of a screen for the best user browsing experience. No more time to get frustrated by scrolling, zooming and rotating.

Adaptive website layout is ideally suited for blogs and content websites that do not require heavy user interaction, support for offline capability, or device native features (like GPS or a camera).

Mobile Website Development

For websites that require a lot of user interaction and more custom made mobile functionality, we recommend building a dedicated mobile website. With this approach, we tackle mobile specific challenges such as navigation, data entry, visibility, and load time to create a flawless experience for mobile users.

If you would like your users to buy products, access profiles, fill in detailed forms, or interact with other users through your mobile website, then building a dedicated mobile version is the right solution for you.

CMS Websites - Content Management System

We at SilverBloom, provide the right services for enterprise content management solutions and platform implementation. This in turn reduces costs and increase operational efficiency by exerting total control over your business processes. We provide customized solutions and platforms for your businesses. Our experts will train you fully in all functions of your CMS and help you even after your website is functional. No other web design company in India offers service to this standard.

Features of content management system:

  • Web-based publishing
  • Format management
  • Revision control (version control)
  • Indexing
  • Search
  • Retrieval
  • Storing, revising and publishing documentation.

SilverBloom is a professional CMS Development company which has experience in developing custom made websites. CMS based websites developed by our experts are simple, responsive and easy to update even for a person without any technical knowledge. CMS allows multiple users to collaborate on the website and to control the data effectively efficiency with different levels of access and permissions. At SilverBloom being a leading website design company, We have extensive experience in developing websites for variety of industries.

Besides development and integration services, we provide provide help in choosing a particular ECM solution or platform, including business analysis and requirements specification. Before we zero in on a specific solution, our experts provide an inclusive business analysis of organizational business models and processes. This lets us involve solutions highly tuned to your specific business needs. Also, our experts analyze the organizational infrastructure and existing legacy systems to fit the solution into technical environment. Integrations with legacy systems, data migration and conversion are also taken into account.

Ecommerce Web Solutions

How many of your website visitors are turning into customers? We will help make your ecommerce website your most effective selling tool. It is a fact that all of us appreciate fancier websites and designs. But in real game you require a website that is simple, responsive and use friendly for your ecommerce business purposes. We at SilverBloom understand the modern ecommerce industry that is ever evolving. If you are looking for the perfect experts who can engross your customers’ interests with the right ecommerce tools, SilverBloom is the perfect option. We design and create perfect ecommerce websites that promote and sell your brands and services. You can even rely on us to help you come up with the right online marketing strategies.

Some of the advantages of our ecommerce solutions:  

  • Our ecommerce design process helps increase conversion rates.
  • We integrate your website with social media to help users engage with you online.
  • Our ecommerce content management system gives you full control.
  • We have solutions to fit every budget.

Social Media Marketing

At SilverBloom Technologies, we have a highly applauded social media experts who can help you enhance the potential of your brands, generate views and clients. With the advent of social media, the entire business world has come under your finger tips. Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your products or services via things like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to improve your online presence. The right use of the power of social media marketing can create wonders in promoting your brand among your target market. At SilverBloom, our social media experts tap full potential of social media there by making your brand strike the right chord.

At SilverBloom, we have experience in marketing every social media. So our nature of dealing business is unique for each media. And we engage it differently.

Our Social Media Marketing Mission:

  • Create, Customize and engage your twitter, facebook or youtube profile
  • Identifying the right social media platform for your business
  • Produce an actionable and tailor made social media strategy
  • Generate and effective content and run valuable campaigns
  • Help your clientele grow

Some of the social media platforms we are experts at:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • Flickr
  • Google places Listing
  • Google maps
  • Delicious
  • Diigo
  • Google Calendar
  • Pinterest
  • Google Reader
  • Google Plus etc are just a few to name.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the art of making your website stand out among the web users. This right application of this technique drives more users to your website which accelerates your website ratings governed by search engines. Our tech experts’ analyse the latest trend and keeps on updating your website to stay ahead in the race of popularity.


As in any service-oriented organisation, customer happiness and satisfaction is our encouragement to move forward in this business. We take pride in the fact that our clients are very happy to be associated with us. The ever-increasing number of accolades that we receive each day and the warmth that our past clients have for us stand testimony to the fact that has been well accepted by our clientele.

Here is what out clients have to say about us in their own words.

"When we wanted to launch our carpooling business in the Middle East, we met for the first time Silverbloom and it's CEO, Mr. Leejo Pylappan. Our technical knowledge was limited but thanks to their guidance, vision and advices, we have successfully launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of our website in just a couple of weeks. After a getting some feedback for 6 months from our users, Silverbloom Technologies attributed 2 excellent php developper that helped us re-launched our website with a new version that really answered our needs and the ones of our users. The team communication skills are very good and our weekly meeting always a pleasure. We recommend Silverbloom Technology to everyone with a project that want to launch an MVP or to the people already having a website and wanting to renew and relaunch."



"From our very first contact with SilverBloom to the final launch of our web application, SilverBloom provided an outstanding service and has proven to be an excellent company to work with. Every question was answered quickly, communication was effective and in terms of deliverables they absolutely exceeded our expectations. The web app they built is complex yet effectively manageable for administrators and usability for end-users is optimal. I would highly recommend SilverBloom if you are planning on building a website or more complex web application!"

Alexander Buytendorp

Director NDSIT Ltd. , United Kingdom

"When it comes to creating websites, SilverBloom is the best choice a company can make! For our website they came up with various brilliant ideas that we didn't think of ourselves and tahnks to their expertise and skills we got the site we dreamed about. The new website is graphically perfect, smooth and flawless in technical terms and moreover content rich. Most importantly; it was well optimized for search engine ranking. The hits to our site have substantially increased and so have the many compliments we receive! We are fortunate to have a company like SilverBloom standing behind us. SilverBloom exceeded what they promised and delivered timely, all at a fair price. We couldn't ask for more!"

Peter Devos

Sales Manager, Devos Technologies Inc., Canada

"Working with SilverBloom has been an extremely positive experience for us. Our new website looks beautiful and much care was taken to work out even the smallest details. The people at SilverBloom were responsive to our needs and changing requirements in the design and development of our site and the support that the technical team still provides when we have questions is absolutely great. It is a pleasure to work with web designers that can transform our vision into reality. SilverBloom delivers quality!"

Ted Madison

CEO Madison Inc., Connecticut USA

Partnership Opportunity with SilverBloom

SilverBloom Technologies has always believed in establishing long-term relationships with its clients and associates through partnerships. In today’s world it is the time to engage in versatile expertise. Many highly successful companies globally were built through extensive and healthy partnerships. Through partnerships, companies can stay ahead in today’s terrible rat race by reducing costs. Partnerships across the continents pave the way for an amalgamation of varied business cultures and skills.

At SilverBloom, we nurture and look for partnerships based on mutual trust, shared risks and profits with determined goals. So what are you waiting for? Let us increase your revenue base, promote brands and expand our reach there by conquering the market by associating with us through partnerships. We like to involve with businesses of all sizes.

By partnering with us we can integrate our services and solutions in your business impeccably and together, we can serve our customers better. We offer a non-competitive environment to all our partners so that we can thrive mutually as well as, individually.

Kindly send an email to [email protected] to discuss further.


SilverBloom has job openings for the following personnel :-

(a) PHP/mySQL experts with 2+ years of experience

(b) Web Designers with 2+ years of experience

(c) Content Writers with 1+ years of experience.

Please email us your resume to [email protected]

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